Prices, Shipping & Taxes

Q: How you determine your price?

A: Our price is the wholesaler's price plus our minor marketing feeOur fee includes VAT. The shipping fee is an average value based on the wholesaler's prices and is visible during checkout*.

Displayed price = Wholesale price + Marketing fee

Payed at checkout = Displayed price + Shipping fee

As you can see from the values above what you pay is almost the wholesale price plus shipping.

(*) Our shipping prices at footer menu: "Shipping Costs"

Q: What is the shipping fee?

A: We have determined average shipping fees that are close to the ones will be requested by the wholesaler because they vary from product to product and from seller to seller. Most of what you pay including shipping goes to the wholesaler. If there is any difference between what the wholesaler asks for shipping and what we present during checkout we pay that difference from our earnings, i.e. our marketing fee.

The customer is responsible for filling in the correct address information. If other costs are incurred due to the wrong address, the customer is also responsible for it. The buyer is responsible for the freight and the delivery costs incurred in remote areas. The same policy applies to other famous e-commerce platforms.

Q: Who pays the tax?

A: As we are a dropshipping company we pass your order to Alibaba B2B platform that guarantees your money and our orders to wholesalers. We collect or not taxes from you based on Alibaba requests during the last step of your checkout procedure. As an example we collect taxes for customers in Europe as this is a demand from Alibaba platform.

In general, countries charge two kinds of tax when you import anything from overseas: VAT that is the same as of that for similar items sold on street plus custom's fee (which is zero at some countries when the item's value plus shipping is below a threshold).

Tax on imported goods = VAT for the item + Custom's fee (?)

Payed on delivery = Tax on imported goods

You don't pay VAT twice if we have collected it already.

As you can see from the values above your extra payed custom's fee is compensated - in many cases - by the big savings of the wholesale price.

You are responsible for knowing the tax law in your own country. We don't accept any return or refund resulting from you refusing to pay the duties or tax. The same policy applies to other famous e-commerce platforms.

Q: Why not import the item directly from the wholesaler?

Indeed we can't be more persuasive than having that "experience" by yourself!

    • countless of hours searching for the right stuff among literally thousands
    • finding a seller among hundreds with the lower shipping costs comparing with other as the prices float wildly
    • finally ordering and waiting the item to be dismissed not ever having been told that you're in a lower priority queue as a customer is served after affiliated resellers
    • if you - the client - haven't reminded the seller about the right documents that should accompany the goods then the packet is simply stuck at the customs
    • and last but not the least, it's impossible for you as a consumer to know about special attributes that differentiate two "almost" identical items unless you have made an exhaustive search like a reseller does.

The result: poor customer's experience, frustration, disappointment and loss of money!